Friday, February 6, 2015

(True Story)Do not let anyone play with your mind


It was a beautiful summers day at work at the mansion, the sun had been shining warm and bright all day and was now on it’s way down and the shadows from the trees were making the kitchen dark before it’s time. I had been working all summer in the large, kind of old fashioned, kind of industrial kitchen off of the main house doing prep work and cleaning or whatever was needed. Not having anything left to do as the cleaning was all done and everything put away and we had finished our work before time was up so we all sat around the big sturdy wooden table chatting and having some delicious  gooey caramel squares one of the head cooks had made and we had it with vanilla ice cream. A few of the girls were waiting for their parents to pick them up.


Often one or more of the large group of people who came to stay at the mansion for the summer would come to visit with us in the kitchen.We met all kinds of wonderful and not so wonderful people from all over the USA. I remember this one little girl, I think she was around four years old, she was the cutest little thing and she spoke with a British accent that was so adorable I could have listened to her talk all day. And there was this other wonderful lady I got to know as we both had a love of gardening and so I ended up doing some gardening with her around the mansion.


This particular day, we had a gentlemen staying at the mansion. He had been there a few weeks and was due to leave in a few days. He would often come into the kitchen and chat with us all. He was a polite enough sort of man but there was something different about him, something you couldn’t quite put your finger on and maybe a bit strange but nice enough.


He was, I would say in his middle sixties, stocky build and around five feet 7 inches with white hair and beard and moustache and his profession had been a hypnotist. On this, end of our shift day, he had decided to sit with us and snack and chat with us. We were having pleasant little chats of all kinds  and enjoying our time together and eating our snacks. Some of the girls rides had arrived and they left which left only four of us at the table, this man,myself and the two other girls. The conversation turned to his profession as we had heard that he was a hypnotist and so curious,and never having met someone like him we proceeded asking him questions about it. I asked him, just as the other girls rides came to pick them up, if it was possible to hypnotise someone without their consent. As the others quickly left to catch their rides it left him and I alone in the kitchen that is closed off from the rest of the people in the main house. He proceeded to answer my question, but not directly. He started telling me a story about a hypnotism he had done at one of his shows. By this time, I am thinking I don’t want to be here alone with this strange man but I am not naturally a rude person, I believe in being polite and not leaving mid way of someone’s story and I am not a natural liar and could not think of an excuse to leave at that moment as my mind was “feeling funny” as I was listening to him speak. I had brought my own car and so could stay or leave whenever I wanted.

He was telling me exactly what and how he had hypnotised this person he was telling me about and I am trying to figure out why he is telling me this story because it doesn’t seem to make sense with the question I asked about? I started getting a slight tingling in the back of my neck. I had never felt quite this tingling before except when I had read scary books when I was younger. I had been in some tight places before where I felt threatened but this was way beyond.
He is saying “I said to him SLEEP!! and he would snap his figures at the same time he was saying sleep in a very commanding tone of voice. I am feeling something in my body that is happening and I don’t understand it. I have been put to sleep before as I have had my tonsils out and have had two c sections and I start to feel like just before I have been put to sleep by the anaesthesiologist. That feeling that happens when you get put to sleep is happening to my body and I felt myself want to lay my head on the table. By this time my mind feels like it has been taken a hold of, I am in his grasp of mind control. I am telling myself, “don’t you dare lay your head on that table, because if you do, he’s got you!!!” but I am still afraid to be rude for some reason, at first I think that maybe I am imagining it or something. He keeps persisting and speaking very fast and firmly, “SLEEP!!! SLEEP!!!SLEEP!!!” I hear as he snaps his fingers loudly. He is saying other words but it is like I am drugged and I can only hear when he says SLEEP and I feel my head nodding, wanting really bad to lay my head on the table but I fight against it.


Now having excepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour a few years earlier, I have been listening to teachings and taking a course on learning how to hear God’s voice and I am off and on beginning to hear God’s voice. As I am struggling to keep myself from laying on the table I hear this clear voice telling me “ Push your chair back.” This voice is not audible but in the inside of my head but it is as loud as the man who is still rambling on telling me this story about hypnotising this man. This voice is male and not like my usual thoughts that go through my head it is much louder and different, very clear. It is firm and persistent. It says “Lee Anne you do not have to put up with this, You do NOT have to be nice to this man!” “PUSH YOUR CHAIR BACK TO BREAK THE SPELL” I hear his voice again even louder and more insistent this time. I know by instinct who this voice is and I know I have to obey it or who knows what this man will do to me when he has me under.. As I hear this voice continuing to tell me to push my chair back, with all my strength, I concentrate on my feet and with all the strength I can find,  I push back. I feel the chair slide on the floor and I break the spell he has on me and I quickly stand to my feet. My eyes can focus again as I accusingly face him without saying a word. By this time the hair on my head is standing on end like I have seen in the cartoons but thought it was a joke and am realizing it is real. I see the look of surprise on his face as if he didn’t expect this to happen and he says to me with a nervous type of smile knowing that I know what he has tried to do to me but keeping an eerie calmness about him he says as I am walking by him to get to the door “ I guess some people can’t be hypnotized….. don’t let anyone play with your mind”  I walk out the door knowing it could have been much worse had he succeeded  and feeling like I have just been with the devil himself.


The moral of the story is this:

Be very careful who you let play with your mind because you never know what they will insert in there that is not your will or God’s will.

Listen to that inner voice or sometimes known as “gut instinct” that will guide you right. That “gut instinct” has a voice if you listen closely, of course you must know your bible as this voice will never tell you anything contrary to his word. You must be able to discern what is your own voice(desires,emotions, wants) God’s voice(the truth, brings peace,grace, love, a sound mind, reassurance etc.) and what the devil wants you to believe.(lies, anything that will kill or destroy your relationships, yourself, your finances or whatever.)

Think twice before allowing yourself to be hypnotized. Even this professional hypnotist agreed with this.