Sunday, April 12, 2015

hey!!!! I'm still here

Hello!!! I'm still here but just been busy having a grandson!!! Well not me but my daughter did and so I have been in Alberta helping them out! He is soooo cute!!! His name is Brody and he weighed 8lbs 6 oz.
I'm back home now and was there for six weeks, that is the longest I have ever in my life been away from home!!! I have all kinds of different things I want to do this spring/summer! One being to enjoy the sun!!! It has been a rough and long winter for a lot of people this year but the sun and warmth is right around the corner so hold on!!!

 I can only work on my (new) iPad right now as I broke the power cord to my laptop( where all my programs are) and I am waiting for a new one. Very inconvenient when something happens to's like half your life is on hold or
Hopefully be posting soon about all the different things I have done and will be doing with a new look and style for my blog!!! Yay!!!
Lee Anne