Thursday, June 6, 2013

On our way to Kelowna, BC,Cara and I

I just adore the blue green water of the lakes and rivers!!!  My daughter informed me that it is because it is because it is clear and COLD.

My baby, Cara beeb (that is a slang babe in French)

Me to Cara: Cara, I look so tough with sunglasses
Cara: It's because you are
Me: I am??
Cara: Yes mom, you are
Me: Are you sure, I don't feel tough
Cara: You are mom

One thing I had to teach Cara was to hold the shutter button down halfway for the camera to focus on the subject. This one is a bit off focus.

 There ya go Cara beeb, now you got it.

Miss model, I love closeups and someone that isn't too camera shy!!

Yes she has her nose pierced. Surprise mom!! ;)

 Some places were really scary!!! Sharp curves going almost straight downhill for 10km!!! Yikes!!! You won't catch me driving thru there in winter!!! NO WAY!!!  There were a lot of signs saying "Do not stop" because of avalanches or falling rocks! So you can't even stop on the side of the road, just drive through as fast as you can! lol

There were  a lot of moose and elk crossing but we didn't see any which was a bit disappointing. But the bears kept us entertained!!!
 Here was the old bear coming right in front of our little bug of a car.

 Me to Cara: I've got to get a good picture (As I was opening my car door with one foot out and one foot in getting ready to stand up)
Me: But I just want to get a picture...I'm not going near him
Cara: No mom, you can't do that, the bear will attack you!!!
Me: Oh ok

He wasn't interested in us, all he wanted to do was get into the woods. I could have gotten out I'm sure!! lol But mom didn't want me to get out...yes we call her mom because she's like a mother hen!! hahaha

Somebody's beautiful tree

We stayed at the Best Western in Revelstoke and they had nice landscape. We went for a dip in the outdoor heated pool and the hot tub and it was very nice. We had it all to ourselves.
They also had a breakfast included with the room!! Delicious!!! Homemade waffles with strawberry sauce,maple syrup or blueberry sauce, bacon, hash browns, cereals of all kinds, apple or orange juice, tea or coffee,  boiled eggs, fried eggs and omelettes!!! Like there goes my diet!!! It's hard to stay on it when you are staying in hotels and eating out all the time but I am not doing too bad, only cheating a bit...well maybe a bit more but I will get back on track once I get home, I really miss my smoothies!!!
I did go to Booster juice and had a smoothie there but it tasted pretty sweet and I suspected sugar in it although it did say no added sugar...

We ate in an outdoor dining area, can't remember the name but they had this cool fence made with old skis


That it for today, hope you enjoy my pics  

Next up is Kelowna and the tunnels


P.S. Sorry about the messy writing but my blog editor does not seem to be working properly...I guess that it what happens when you use something that is free...;)