Saturday, November 24, 2012

I spray painted everything around!!!

Hi folks, I've been spray painting :)  I've never done it before and I might have went a little crazy but it was fun!!! hehehe  

I spray painted the Christmas tree stand, it was black with gold paint. Didn't match my new decor.
I have since taken this picture, primed my old chest you see at the was a mess, it belonged to my great grandmother I believe and I've moved a few times and have been dragging it with me everywhere. I had it in my father-in-law's barn for a few years and thought it would be a great thing to put wood in for our wood stove that we have in the living room...but it doesn't match my decor so I have to paint it. I've decided to paint it black on the bottom trim and the legs also black. The body I will paint white with a black pattern of some kind and then the top I will upholster it with fabric to make a settee. No one will ever know that it holds wood. :)  Yes I'll post pictures when it's done :)

PS. disregard my shelf decor as I just put random things in there until I decide what I'm putting in there. I'm thinking of making cute little sparkly miniature houses.
Notice the headless figure? It's from my beautiful nativity set and a lot of the pieces were broken when I brought them in from storage. I wonder if the cold broke them because it wasn't banged around and it was well packed in foam?

This little tricycle was outdoors in my garden rusting up pretty good, so before it falls apart I thought I'd bring it in so I gave it a good spray of silver paint and I think it looks fabulous!! I love it!!! I had one of those ugly plastic Terracotta pot and I spray painted it silver and put it in the basket, filled the pot with some pine cones and Christmas balls and voila, lovely decorations that go well in my living room and free at that...already had the paint!

I love my dollar store finds!! faith, love and hope!! Out of these words,do you know which one is the most important to have?

Spray painted my wreath silver and the old flowers and some pine cones too!!!

I am going to spray paint this in black

These are lamps I spray painted in silver, they were brown before I've also since this picture spray painted the lamp shades in black (used almost a whole can of pain for 2 medium lamp shades, inside and out) but I'm not sure if I will stop there or not. I may do the trim in lime green....I think it might look cool.

This was a ceramic face I bought years ago and never painted it so I spray painted it in silver.

This was a glossy cream color and I spray painted it silver, I didn't even think it would stay on there but it did!
Spray painted my beige flowers silver.
Some Christmas decor I whipped up....large glass bowl and a small glass bowl turned upside down, candle in the middle and add your favorite decor...easy peasy :)

My nativity set....I probably would have painted these silver too but I ran out of paint! lol

Christmas decor

So there you have it, I painted everything I could get my hands on and made it the color I wanted. 
Saved a whole lot of money with not having to go buy everything new to match my decor! Love that!!
Have a great day everyone!! :)