Sunday, January 13, 2013

New years outfit!!!! Shiny shiny, very sparkly


Finally got pictures of my new years outfit!!! Some of you may know that I haven’t been feeling well lately and so I finally got a day that was decent enough for me to take pictures!!! YAY!!! Having fibromyalgia it really excites me when I feel good because it seems like it’s not very often!!! So I’m really thankful that I had 1 day!!! Hopefully that will change if I can ever get to the bottom of what is wrong with my arm and get treatment for it!!


Shiny shiny, very sparkly….does any movie lover know in what movie someone says that???  My husband and I watch a lot of movies and so we are always quoting something from a movie! lol


Sorry if some of the pictures are a bit blurry but I don’t have my camera yet. These are taken with my video camera and it doesn’t take the greatest pictures in low light and sorry if I have too many pictures on here!! I take a lot of picture because I’m fussy and then when I go to upload them I don’t know which ones I like the best! lol  SO bare with me!


Here it is…. the peplum top


It doesn’t show quite how sparkly it is in pictures, but my house does, all over the floor!!!



I wanted to make the peplum a bit more full but I didn’t have enough fabric…

So it ‘tis what it ‘tis.


My sassy look…lol



This is a plant I bought from a friend for $10.00 and my husband said it was boring so I put some flowers

on it and I think it looks fabulous and now my husband likes it too!



goes great with jean’s for a more casual look.




I made my own pattern by the way, for who ever wants to know…






Had to stop for a tea break hahaha   Taking pictures is hard work!!!




Now for the top and skirt together!!




I like this picture, the plant makes me look smaller!! hehehe





Notice how my left arm just hangs around in every picture….that’s because I can’t lift it!! lol Crazy arm!!!









Got the matching earrings at Arden's for .75 cents!!! Cha ching!!!
Love those deals!  I bought 7 different pairs!! Of course I did!!!


the nails in silver! sparkly sparkly, very shiny





Outdoors with no sleeves in January…it was a bit cold. hehe



Can’t take pictures without my cat Minou!! She follows me like a dog!!! hahaha



Close up



I had a bit of a problem after I took my pictures……I couldn’t take off my top!!!! I thought I was going to have to call my friend Ida to come

and help me take it off!!! lol

You try taking off a fitted top without raising one arm!!! Almost mission impossible!!!  It took some fancy manoeuvring I’m telling you!! I had to bend over and reach behind my back with my good arm and somehow slowly wiggle my way out of it taking deep breaths because it was really painful too!!! lol

I didn’t get to wear my New Years outfit because I was in bad pain that day and so I wanted to wear something more comfortable and easy to put on.

Will I wear it next year??? ………………………..if I don’t make another outfit I will!! lol

Ohhhhhh by the way!!!  I almost forgot the best part, I found the fabric at frenchy’s used clothing for a couple of dollars!!!! CHA CHING!!!! Isn’t that great???


I hope you all have a wonderful new years and I hope great things come to you!!!  xox

Lee Anne


P.S.  I don’t know how long it will take to get these sparkles out of my house!!!

BTW  working on some fabric samples right now…. and dreaming about the spring jacket I want to make!