Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Fred B's birthday party!!!!

Part 3...the end

I had to stop video taping earlier than I wanted because the people were getting tired of having a video in their faces and were getting paranoid! lol
We had such a great night and we dearly missed the ones who couldn't be with us!!!

For some reason the credits didn't upload and it took me 4 hours to upload this and I hain't uploadin' it again!! lol
So here they are....The video and editing and singing is by 

me, myself and I.... I'll bet you didn't know I was three people??? hehehe
The background music is my ccmixer.org and freemusicforvideos.com
Thanks for watching!!!

Part 2 
Remind me to never do this again!!! This video editing is time consuming especially to do something this big!! Lots of video clips to go through and each one has to be edited if you are a newbie at it and I am!!  BUT I finally got it right this time and I'm somewhat satisfied with how it turned out. Hope you enjoy it!!
Stay tuned for part 3!!! The party isn't even started yet!!! lol


Part 1

Yes I finally can upload again!!!!....internet is a lot faster than it was....it was worse than dial up for a long long time!! We even got our internet basically free for this past year due to such a slow connection and it has been really aggravating but I think things have improved now because it only takes an hour or so to upload a video compared to 12 hours or more before, way too time consuming!!!!

These videos were taken last year at my sister's and cousin's 50th birthday party. They were all turning 50 last year and they wanted a birthday party for all 3 of them, well actually 4 but Mark was out fishing. So my sister Darlene came home from Alberta for their birthday party. We invited all our old neighborhood where we grew up. "The gang from the south" "La geng du sud" in french as we say it. Most of them showed up which was really nice and brought back a lot of memories and fun that we had together. The ones that couldn't make it were really missed!! It would have been so wonderful to have us all together again!!!

A fun time was had by all that came and more memories were made.

My sister Darlene and my cousin's Heather and Sandra were the birthday girls. My other cousin Mark was out fishing and couldn't make it but his wife Lucy stood in for him. She was the one with the finger mustache! lol cute Lucy! The story behind the Fred B. Fred B. d'Entremont was my great grandfather on my mother's father's side... I'm not really sure why he was so famous....maybe he was infamous I don't know but I know he is still known today. His name didn't fade it kept going with his offspring. We belong and are known as the Fred B.'s for some reason. I know that he was well known for his singing abilities and love of music and that was passed down to the generations after him and every time someone has a stomach ache it comes from the Fred B.s so they must have had a lot of mysterious stomach problems. That is pretty much all I know about him. He sure looks a lot like my cousin's or I guess my cousin's sure look like him.

  The second part to come later. Hopefully I won't have to much problems uploading them. I have discovered that video editing takes an enormous amount of time!! lol

Hope you enjoy the video, have a fabulous evening!!!