Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My garden revamp dress in blue, black and white

,Hello everyone, I have made another revamp dress. This was a dress that I made a couple of years back. I never wore it. I just don’t go to places where I could wear this dress. It is too clingy for church and so I never wore it. Why did I make it you might ask?…well I don’t know… I guess when I made it I never pictured what it would look like on or where I would wear it. I just wanted a new dress lol . Anyways I now revamped the dress and I can wear it anywhere and have already wore it to church and I feel more comfortable in it. It’s a great dress to wear!
This is what it looked like before

This is what I did to it! This is the scary part….you think,what if I cut it the wrong place??..
Well it doesn’t really matter if you are not wearing it anyway and there is always ways to fix your mistakes, it only takes a bit of creativity. Think outside the box!!
I added a peplum skirt to the bottom
and this is what it turned out like. Watch my video!!
In the garden, Annapolis Royal, NS

Again my husband took the photographs, I think I’ve turned him into a photographer and he is doing a good job!! He took lots of great pictures!!
revamp dress_3908
revamp dress_3910
revamp dress_3915
revamp dress_4072
revamp dress_4016
revamp dress_3929
revamp dress_3932
revamp dress_3940
revamp dress_3943
I love this angle, it makes me look so small!!!
revamp dress_3947
revamp dress_3950
revamp dress_3957
revamp dress_3960
revamp dress_3966
a new necklace I got at superstore on sale for $7.00
revamp dress_3975
revamp dress_3988
revamp dress_3994
Into the roses
revamp dress_4001
revamp dress_3992
revamp dress_4012
revamp dress_4014
revamp dress_4020
revamp dress_4043
revamp dress_4062
revamp dress_4067
revamp dress_4082
Not all of my pictures turned out good…..
Some were fails
Here they are
revamp dress_4025
ewwwwww lol

revamp dress_3977

Yikes!! I’d better stop telling him what to do!! lol
revamp dress_3963
When is the last time YOU hugged a tree!??? hehehe

It was a fun day, the weather was hot and beautiful and the gardens were beautiful too.
Until next time
Lee Anne xox
P.S. Never give up on what you believe but always be open minded