Monday, July 22, 2013

Singing sewing fashions!!!

Hello everybody!!! I got a request for a singing sewing fashion video and I thought, why not? Might be fun to do….. and it was!!! My two very favorite things to do, singing and sewing fashions together!!!
This is another dress I made this summer 2013 (the date is more for me than you so I will know how old the dress is looking back.) This fabric was sooooo elegant I just needed to make it long. Will I ever wear it anywhere??? Probably not…...I may wear it to a wedding coming up IF I don’t cut it shorter first…and don’t worry I won’t lose the design on the bottom, I know how to fix it so that the design stays!
Was this video hard work? You bet your boots it was!!!!!! I hope everybody in the world watches it and appreciates it because video editing is HARD work!!!!!!lol  I lost track of how many hours I put into it.
Now don’t forget that I’m only an amateur but having fun doing it. So be nice!! lol
Watch my video!!!

Here is some pictures, it’s from a different day than the video and so my accessories are different.
This dress was not hard to make. This is a 4 way stretchy fabric with a beautiful pattern on the bottom. I took an old well fitting tank top to use as a guide for the size and measured the length that I wanted. I folded the top part in about 5” or so and it is tight enough that you don’t need an elastic. I then took some of the bottom and folded it in half and sewed it like a tube and then I joined it to the sides to make the halter straps.

elegant black and white dress_3846
elegant black and white dress_3811 w&b
elegant black and white dress_3814
elegant black and white dress_3818bw
elegant black and white dress_3816
elegant black and white dress_3815 b&w
elegant black and white dress_3820
elegant black and white dress_3823
elegant black and white dress_3836
I love the way this picture turned out!!! How great would this have been as a jumpsuit???!!! Fabulous I think, Don’t you??!!!
Makes my head swirl with visions of jumpsuits!!! hehehe
elegant black and white dress_3846
elegant black and white dress_3850
By the way, I made the necklace too! The earing's are old and I can’t remember where I got them but the flower is from Wal-Mart in the craft department.