Monday, November 4, 2013

Hot cherry corduroy pants!!!

Hello everyone!!!
I whipped up these pants yesterday!! I really like them and they fit wonderfully…except the waist is a tad too tight but I know what to do about that! ha! Just a few pounds ;)


Here it is, drum roll please!!!!




Leon's top and my striped skirt 012

This is where I cut them out, on top of my dining room table.(got to use it for something) Pattern is my own that I designed to fit me.

Leon's top and my striped skirt 013

Here is all my patterns cut out. The black, white and grey fabric on top right is my next project waiting to be sewed!! You’ll have to wait and see what it is!!!! Maybe a bit corny! hehehe

Leon's top and my striped skirt 014

Sewing it up with my wonderful Husqvarna Viking Designer 1!!  Back crotch


And now the finished product,,,,, tada!

 Cherry cordroy pants 016

Me and my gui-tar

Cherry cordroy pants 002

Cherry cordroy pants 008  Cherry cordroy pants 012Cherry cordroy pants 001 Cherry cordroy pants 020Cherry cordroy pants 022  Cherry cordroy pants 026 Cherry cordroy pants 027 


And now I have a new pair of pants to wear!! Yay for me because I really need more casual pants!!!

Now that I have made these pants it gave me the “fever” to make more pants!!! I have all these discontinued sample fabric books from my custom made drapery business and I thought I wonder if I could use it and piece them all together to make a big piece of fabric and then make pants from it….and so that is what I am doing now. Piecing them together one by one. Hopefully it won’t take to long to put it together as I don’t have a long attention span when it comes to making things!
It’s going to be some wild crazy pants that’s all I know!!! I may never even wear them in public although you’ll get the …uhm…. privilege to see them!!! lol
I’ve also made a few other things coming up later.


P.S. On a sadder note, some of you know that my daughter Cara had a miscarriage :( (So appreciate all the prayers and kind words we received!!!)  and so this changes my plans AGAIN. I had been working on a cute baby quilt but now I don’t seem to have the desire to work on it right now and so I may put it aside for a while and finish it later. It is really pretty colors of bright teal, white, browns and yellows. Perfect for a boy or a girl.


The episode with Cara

I have to tell you this experience I just went through.
When Cara told me that she was going for her first ultra-sound she was so excited but she had been a bit worried saying what if I go and they tell me there is no baby there (she had three pregnancy test that said she was!) or what if they say there are six!! I explained to her that it is normal to feel that way in the early months and everything is probably fine but just to make sure, I prayed to God that she would come back home and call me with exciting news that she had seen the baby and saw it’s heart beat and that she would be soooo happy.


That wasn’t to be. Instead, I got a call while she is driving herself home,(her boyfriend was driving behind her as he had met her at the hospital from work) on the highway with her heart breaking and sobbing, saying that the doctors think that the baby died at six weeks and here she was 11 weeks not knowing if her baby was alive or not. This is hard for me as a mother to handle, when your child really needs you and she is so far away and there is nothing you can do but listen to her cry in devastation!!

I was disappointed and angry and I told God so! I said “God, why do you answer most of my prayers but you didn’t answer this really important prayer???  I’m really disappointed in you, why would you do this Lord, I know there must be a reason but it’s so disappointing. This is really troubling me, I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t answer my prayer? Am I guilty of something? Did I forget to confess something or ask forgiveness??? I repent!!! Forgive me God!!!Why didn’t you answer my prayer?? Should I even bother praying anymore??? I know probably I shouldn’t feel that way and I’m sorry, because you’ve answered many of my prayers, but GOD this is my daughter that is having major problems here and I can’t be there!!?? Come on!!!

And so these thoughts kept troubling me from that moment on. Wednesday evening we went to our bible study group and we are going through an Alpha course. (This is a course where you watch videos and anyone who wants to ask questions about God can go and have their questions answered without being judged or feeling stupid, there are no stupid questions) The topic on the video that night was….I don’t even remember what the topic was because I was so bothered, all I remember is that it explained that sometimes God says NO. Just like sometimes when our children are growing up and we have to say no to them because if we don’t, we know that it would be very bad for them, and even though they don’t understand why we say no, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t. It is the same with God, sometimes he has to say no, we may not know why but knowing God the way I do, I know and trust that it is for the best, whatever the reason may be because God ALWAYS has our best interest at heart. That is His nature.

So that made me be more accepting of the situation and I was feeling that God had answered my prayers of why. Sometimes the answer is NO, even though it is hard to accept. And it might not have anything to do with what you have done or haven’t done. There may be a good reason why Cara shouldn’t have this child now, only God knows that. It sure is best that she didn’t carry it to term and it be still born!! That would be even worse.

I continued praying as normal and forgave God for disappointing me. Cara then went on to find out the baby had died and that she would have to have a d&c to remove the baby from the womb, again all I could do is pray. I prayed that Cara and her boyfriend would find a good parking spot, that the nurses would be motherly and doctors would be friendly and do a good job with the procedure. I prayed that they wouldn’t be bored, I prayed that they would be out of the hospital sooner than planned. I prayed that Jordan, Cara’s boyfriend would be especially good with Cara. I prayed that Cara wouldn’t be scared as she was being put to sleep for the first time in her life. I prayed that she wouldn’t be down in spirit and that she would be calm. I prayed for everything that I could think of and so did my husband Leon among a lot of other people too. When I talked to Cara and she told me of the happenings in the hospital and how well everything had went and how nice the nurses were and the doctors too, and how they joked around with her and made her laugh and how they explained every little detail to her and how they got out of the hospital before they thought they would leave etc etc.  I realized God had answered all my prayers this time. The answer was YES!!! And that made me very happy!!!
How can you not love a God like that??? He’s the best!!!!