Friday, February 14, 2014

My rockin’ bedroom chandelier and sconces!!!

Yep, I love them!! It’s the nicest thing I have in my bedroom so far! (UPDATE:!!!! Ok for you guys with your mind in the gutter,YES you know who you are ;) ;) ;) we are talking about DECORATIONS HERE!!! hahahahhaha. There are OTHER nice things in the bedroom besides decorating!!! I have to say that so my husbands pride doesn't take a beating LOL)
My bedroom is going under some major decorating! I have never in my life had a finished and decorated bedroom and so I’m finally doing it!! Don’t know how long it will take me but I’ll get it done eventually. Growing up I lived in my grandmother’s house with my mother and brother’s and sister’s and an uncle. The upstairs was pretty much neglected due to no money to spend on decorating. My bedroom was upstairs and it was ugly. The wallpaper had been on the walls for years and it was flowered pink and blue and half of it was off (probably because I tried to peel it off but couldn’t)…with dent in the walls and ugly blinds and curtains that matched and an ugly stained off white(brown) shaggy rug. I know, at least I had a bedroom and I am thankful for that but just once in my life I’d like to be able to go in my bedroom and look at something nice and not torn to pieces or stained, something that feels like me with colors that please me and blinds that work and are not crooked with pretty draperies that I’ll make of course. Is this vanity? Yeah probably, it’s not like it will make me a better person or anything but it will please my eyes to look at it and make me feel like I have a nice place to relax in. Who doesn’t like that? Everyone likes to relax in their favorite hideaway. Mine just happens to be in my bedroom, with my sewing machine and fabric and guitar and microphone and music sheets AND photography setup. Yes my bedroom is HUGE!! It is 15 x 24 and guess what??? It’s still not big enough!!! lol Not for all my hobbies. We also have a big entertainment center too so I need to get really creative here to get everything in it’s place. Anyhows here is my lovely half modern half traditional Chandelier and sconces.
Oh by the way, I got it at Kent’s in Yarmouth on sale for $135.00 and the sconces were 50 dollars each. I looked everywhere for lights and this was the only one that would attract my eyes and my pocketbook and still I think this is expensive. I may be a cheapskate! hehe

Chandelier time

IMG_2370 IMG_2373 IMG_2374  IMG_2377 IMG_2378  IMG_2331 IMG_2332

Look at that pattern on the ceiling!! Isn’t that awesome? Fun to take pictures of it!!

IMG_2336  IMG_2338

Sconce time

IMG_2799 IMG_2800  IMG_2802 IMG_2803 IMG_2804 IMG_2805  

Kalie time

This is my lovely Kalie Rae Bourque, she’s a beauty!!!

She got caught sleeping in the wood box!!! Look at her guilty worried look!!!


Then I told her it was ok that she could sleep in the wood box if she wanted to.


It put a smile back on her face :)

P.S. Happy Valentine’s day and goodnight!!! xox
P.S.S.  I finished another jacket!!!! Pictures to come soon!!!