Friday, February 8, 2013

Emerald city, fabric designs


Here are some fabric patterns I created. The solid colors are pantone’s color trends for 2013

These fabric’s would be great for all you warm based people, especially blondes!!


bright windy day

Bright windy day                                                                                                          

This would make a nice tank top or dress for spring.


ditigal emeralds

digital emerald lime checks

  picture a purse in a vinyl fabric with black or gold trim. Why not

add some rubber boots to go with the raincoat down below!


zesty emerald drops

zesty emerald drops 

How about a rain coat in this print, sure would brighten your

rainy day!!!                          


Soft flowy crepe pants in this emerald green.

Emerald burst

Emerald Emerald burst

A beautiful silky polyester top to go with those crepe pants!!

Accessories with black chunky jewelry or gold if you prefer!!



Any of these would work with some of the patterns above.

city lines

                             city lines    

  lime checks                              

   Lime check 


    lemon zest                                                      

lemon zest      



 Limey chalk                                                            

limey chalk



Emerald zest

Emerald zest                                                                                                         

Textured sweater


green shoots

  green shoot

  fitted dress