Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine’s day!!!! Song for you!!!!

 It's that time to get really mushy
Love is in the air, it’s Valentine’s day tomorrow!!!
If not, well fake it and pretend that love is in the air and it just might come….
or  maybe this post will get you into the mood!!!
If your significant other isn’t a romantic type maybe you could give yourself a little romance.
Light a candle, take a bubble bath by candle light. Wear something that makes you feel good. Decorate your house with flowers, hearts and pretty things that you love!!!. Set a fantastic table!!!
Make a great meal, your hunny will not be able to resist it!!!
                                                          Hubby and I

Here’s a little mood music that I did for you all. Hope you enjoy it!!! Thanks for watching!!!

The song is “Going to the Chapel” Cover song

Aren’t they adorable??? peanut butter and jelly heart sandwiches!! awwwww
Make some for your kids for a special treat!!!

Perfect day to give your sweetheart a ring!!! I hope my daughter’s boyfriend see’s this!! lol

Give your hunny and empty box and when they question why they have an empty box,
tell them that’s how you’d feel without them in your life. awwwww   

I hope you all have a great and wonderful Valentine's day!!! xoxoxox

P.S. I love you