Thursday, June 6, 2013

Adventures in Alberta with my daughter

Hello everyone, I finally get to blog again. I have been so busy getting ready to go visit my daughter that I haven't had much time to blog! Now I am finally in Calgary Alberta!! Yay!! It is a beautiful place for sure, very picturesque and I have a lot of pictures too.
The plane ride was fantastic!!! I was so worried about going on the plane by myself as I have only been on a plane on one other occasion. I had to stop in Toronto to take another plane and I figured I'd get lost trying to find my next plane. I was also worried I'd have to sit with someone annoying lol
On the first plane ride I sat with a young couple with a little baby girl a year old, she was a bit fussy and cried quite a bit at first, that is until she discovered my beautiful nails I just had done for my trip!! lol  It kept her entertained for the rest of the plane ride. I was very glad I had got them done before I left!! hahaha
 I have pictures of my nails and I will post them in another post later.
I found the next plane no problem at all, had to wait an hour for it. I found my seat and I sat in the aisle seat and turned to see a women sitting in the window seat. I was ready to say hello but she never looked up and I could sense that she was unwilling to have any kind of contact and so I thought it would be a quiet flight. I wondered if the seat between us would be occupied and I soon found out it would be when a black gentlemen handed me his boarding ticket wrapped around something for me to hold while he placed his bag in the compartments on top of our seats. I thought, hmmmm well he seems friendly enough, I hope he is not annoying....I just  wasn't in the mood to be annoyed by someone talking about something I wasn't interested in because I was already tired from working hard the last 2 weeks.
He sat down and we started talking doing the small talk thing, like where are you going, where do you live? that kind of stuff. We talked for at least an hour and then he had to do some work. He was a professor at a University in Calgary. Very intelligent man, I liked him right away, so after he had finished his work and had a nap we started talking again. We talked about so many things, we got to know each other fairly well in the short time we sat together. When the plane landed and it was time to leave we shook hands and introduced ourselves!!! lol
 I gave him my blog address because he is a writer and I was telling him about my short story that I wrote of my car accident and he was interested in reading it, but I gave him my old address by mistake!! :(  I hope he will be able to find my blog anyway.

So I took many many pictures so far and so I cannot upload them all at once so it's coming to you in bits and pieces. These were my first views when I got off the plane and started heading for Cochrane which is a small town just outside of Calgary.

Where are the mountains I was wondering? Are these it???

Are those mountains? They look like funny clouds

Ok now I can see they look like mountains. Will we drive closer to them?

We are getting closer

So you can see the mountains are getting closer! Well I was thinking I wasn't going to see that many mountains but trust me, I got my fill and I saw them up close!!! hahaha
 I will post more tomorrow so you can see the beautiful British Columbia and Alberta.

Good night everyone, time for my bedtime..... I think, I hope, I'm not really sure though. My body is in confusion mode with the 3 hours difference from Nova Scotia and 4 hours from British Columbia. Breakfast is dinner time and dinner time is supper time and bedtime is past my bedtime and so I get overtired and am not sleeping much. The first night I didn't sleep a wink!!! Ugh ....but I am catching up now and doing a lot better! Phew!!!  I'm going to have to go home for another vacation!! lol   I wonder if I can get someone else to do my work when I go home? Any takers?? haha

P.S. Wish you could all be here!!

Sorry for any spelling boo boos, I am too tired to check