Monday, June 10, 2013

Ever hear about the two brunettes who passed through the tunnels?

British Columbia and beautiful it is!!! Breathtaking and lovely!!!
The rivers and lakes are extra blue green and refreshing to look at!
The landscaping is marvelous with its mountains and valleys everywhere.

These boats have their own waterslide...must be nice! lol

These are tunnels for the trains to go through the mountains. There are also a lot of tunnels to go through for cars. Now we have a funny story about these tunnels. Have you heard of the two brunettes who drove through the tunnels?? I should be ashamed to share it BUT I'm going to share it anyway! lol

Cara to me while going through the tunnels: Why is it so dark?? I don't think I like driving through here. What if someone is in there and I can't see them?? I'll run them over!!!
Me: I'm sure that there isn't anyone in the tunnels Cara.

Next tunnel
Cara: I really don't like this, the tunnels are so dark!!! Should they be this dark??
Me: You wouldn't think so
Cara: eewww I'm scared, I don't like this, I can't even see where the walls are!!!!
Me: Just drive slow, do you have your lights on??
Cara: I have my lights on but it looks like they aren't even on. (flicks her light off and on)
me: that is really strange, you would think they would put lights on in the tunnels??

Next tunnel
Me: Ohhhhh this one has openings in the side of the walls, this is a lot better
Cara: Yes this one at least you can see a bit

We go through a 7 or 8 tunnels some dim and some really dark!

Coming back through the same tunnels
Me, almost out of all the tunnels: There is something wrong, there is no way it should be this dark!!
Cara: You wouldn't think they would have tunnels this dark, it's really dangerous
Me:(Thinking) and then it came to me.......and I lifted off my sunglasses!!!!!!!! hahahhahahahahaha
Cara: What mom????
Me: Take off your sunglasses!!!!
Cara: bahahahahahhahahaha
Me: Oh MY gosh!!!! Are we blond or what!!!??? lol I thought we were brunettes but we definitely had a blond moment there!!! hahahaha
Cara: Yup your right!!! We had our sunglasses on!! Are we bright or what!!?? lol

We laughed for about a half hour driving down the road through the rest of the tunnels marveling at how  much lighter they were!! lol  Oh well, it will be a funny memory!!! hahaha

Yes you can use it as a stupid brunette joke!!! lol

Seen lots of trains!!!

 This place was absolutely gorgeous and the pictures do not do it justice at all!! Beautiful British Columbia!!

 Cara wanted to see the vineyard estates and so we stopped in

More to come later.
I have one more day with my daughter and then it's back to reality and normalcy and home sweet home!

P.S. My daughter is a hairdresser and my very own personal hairdresser whenever she is around and so I am coming home with a new doo. Yay!!! I will post pictures later
Have a super fabulous funny hilarious day!!! xox