Thursday, July 14, 2016

The perfect blend of fruit juice




I think I've found the perfect blend of fruit juice. You can taste every fruit equally well.
 Such great syrupy goodness!!! Yummmmmm!!! It really is like drinking syrup when you have grapes in there!
Here is the recipe:

1 Apple
1 Orange
1 good handful of grapes
1 good handful of strawberries

You can substitute a handful of whatever kind of fruits you like.

Notice the correct colours on the fruits. I've been teaching my grandson his colours over and over and over and I guess I'm still in that teaching mode. Lol Now you know your fruit colours! 😉

I have been juicing off and on for many years, in my opinion you cannot buy juice this good!! So fresh and it feels so great knowing you are putting great things in your body. You are getting the vitamins of all those fruits in one shot
 I should be drinking them everyday but I have a tendency to want to grab something quick and easy to eat instead of something healthy unfortunately😏. 
At times I have drank fruit juice for breakfast and lunch and then had a regular meal for supper for a week or moreThe benefits are amazing! The burst of energy you get is fantastic, there is nothing like a natural high! Besides that losing a few pounds when you need to is always good
I am trying to do that now but haven't succeeded yet. My husband and daughter are junky eaters and so when I decide to eat healthier they come along and say we should get ice cream (chocolate of course) tonight and I'm like no I'm trying to eat healthy and then I think about it for two hours and say ok, go get the ice cream...sigh. I will get it after a while, just takes me a to get into it but once I really set my mind to it I'm good

Bonsoir 😄