Thursday, November 8, 2012

a dream, I’m the next to go

I'm at a funeral with a bunch of people and I don't know who's funeral it is but I'm there...I leave the funeral home only to remember I forgot some important paper that I left next to the coffin. I return inside where they have stopped people from going to view the person in the coffin by placing 6 chairs back to back like when you do that game of musical chairs. They have also placed 6 dead women on the chairs to keep people from passing. Now you are not supposed to disturb the dead but I have to get across to get the important piece of paper next to the coffin and people that are still inside the funeral home are giving me some pretty dirty looks when they realize I need to get across from these dead women because they are afraid that I will disturb them, that I might hit into them and God forbid, make one of them fall. One of the people that is giving me the dirty look, I know her and do not have a great rapport with her, I feel she thinks she is better than me and is kind of cold hearted in some things. It doesn't matter to me at this point because I NEED that paper, I will be in bigger trouble than moving a dead person if I don't get it and so I try going through the passageway that has very little room to get to the coffin and I hit one of the dead ladies leg (she has her legs crossed I believe) and I almost knock her clean of the chair!!! I grab her before she falls and she wakes from the dead and grabs me!!! I'm terrified for a minute.  She says immediately "don't be afraid of me" and for some reason as soon as she says that I'm not afraid anymore but I wonder if anyone else can see that she came back to life. She's got this sweetest personality, I can just tell by looking at her face, you know, one of those people you meet and kindness and love just reeks out of  them and she puts her arms around me and kisses me on the cheeks so warmly and I kiss her back on the cheek. She says to me, " I have something to tell you, a message for you. You are the next one that will go"…..
I think, did she just say what I thought she said?? I'm the next one to go where??? The next person to die??? But I don't ask her I just assume she means death. 
I ask her " Should I tell my husband about this and she says "Yes, tell everyone", and that was the end of my dream and so I'm telling everyone! Lol

I don't understand the interpretation of this dream yet but if anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear it!!!

It sounds like it's saying I'm going to be the next one to die and that I should tell everyone, it just may be but I've had bad dreams before and when God showed me the interpretation it was actually a good dream and not nearly as bad as it sounded from when I dreamt it. So hopefully I'm not the next to go, lol and if I am, well Goodbye and I'll miss you all!!! Don't forget I'll be in a place I never want to come back from, a place of no pain and no tears..a beautiful place where I call the "womb of God."(heaven)
But I'm not ready to go. I still have lots to do in this world!!! As long as someone needs me, I will do my best to stay here!!! Even ask God to change his mind if he wants me to go!! but the thought of no pain and no tears is very tempting!

A thought comes to my mind when I think about the lady reassuring me not to be afraid…. In the bible when the angels appear to anyone, this is the first thing they say…Do not be afraid.
Was she an angel?
Anyone have any ideas or thoughts???

I got the interpretation!!!! Thank you God for that!!!
I woke up at 3:00 am in the morning and the first thing I did was start thinking about the dream I had the night before.  The truth is I didn't dare pray and ask God for the interpretation right away because I was afraid to know the answer. I figured I would just think about it all the time if I didn't so I asked God the question "What is the interpretation for this dream? I really need to know so it doesn't drive me crazy thinking about it." Now I know in the past the bad dreams I've had, once God interpreted them for me they didn't seem bad at all, on the contrary, they were really good. So I put my faith in God that he would reveal it to me and that it probably wasn't as bad as it sounded. This is what I got.

Sometimes we fear so much that we actually add on words that someone said....!!?? It's true, we do that without even realizing we did it!!!  What the lady actually said to me was "You will be the next one" God showed me that I added... to go. Well I'm at a funeral and a lady comes back from the dead so therefore she must mean to die! Right?
 No not right, we make assumption's all the time. Our crazy brain takes over and always thinks the worse of a situation and we make mountains out of mole hills!!! We are so paralyzed with fear that we can't even question what was said!!! We are afraid of what people will think of us if we ask and we are afraid of- "what if it is really true what I think?, it would hurt so bad, if what so and so said or did, was true. I don't think I can handle it so I'll just keep it to myself and act weird." why do we do that?, it just hurts us more. Most likely if we knew the truth it is probably not as bad as we thought. It may even have had nothing to do with us. So you see, we can judge a situation just because it seems like the puzzle fits, just like in my dream where I automatically thought that she meant I was the next to die, but she could have meant I was the next at anything, I was the next to give someone else a kiss on the cheek, I was the next to have a clothing line, I was the next to win the lottery, haha probably not but you see what I mean. We are too  chicken to ask questions and so we assume and probably 90 percent of the time, we assume wrong but our mind will always stray into that 10 percent of "What if I'm right?"

So that is my dream interpretation in a nut shell and it is not bad at all, it is very good stuff I believe. So now I can be aware of the things that go through my head, that it may not be exactly as it happened but my fear may have added on a few words.
That lady in the dream, well I really think she was an angel, an angel that came to show us some insights into heavenly things. To help us see ourselves better as human beings and the fears we have that really we don't need to have if we trust that it doesn't matter what someone else thinks or what we look like to someone else. Try not to be afraid to ask the questions!!! We will save ourselves a lot of heartaches.

hugs and kisses, xox
Lee Anne