Monday, November 19, 2012

I'm making wreaths and snow balls

Hi guys, I've been busy being sick :( and making wreaths, snow balls and Christmas decorating in between the being sick. :) Fibromyalgia and arthritis is giving me a kick in the "you know where" this fall!!! Geesh!!! I have pain everywhere!!! I've talked to others with this condition and it is the same for them. Holding on for dear life so I don't drown in this pain!!! But other than that, I'm singing Christmas songs...I have the spirit this year and I've started decorating my house early. I have 3 Christmas trees up, not all decorated yet but they are up there. Just doing it a little at a time.  I've got a large one and a medium size one and a little wee one. Just right for Goldilocks!!! lol

 I had made a nice wreath made of Christmas balls and I hung it on a nail on the wall. Got awoken by a loud crash in the living room. It had slipped off the nail and fell to the floor and all the 75 balls were all over the living room, scared my cat Kalie who was sleeping right next to it!!!. SO I thought I could glue it back together with my glue gun BUT it seems the glue isn't sticking to the glue that's already on the balls and it is very unstable, SO I went and bought more balls and I'm going to make some more wreaths!
I made snow balls out of tissue paper....actually they were supposed to be flowers but they look so wintery and fluffy like a snow ball, so that's what I'm calling them, snow to come soon. :>)

Have a great day!!
Lee Anne

P.S. also working on a top :)