Monday, November 5, 2012

Makeup trend 2013

barely there makeup. Soft soft colors. Fresh! Spring/summer 2013

colorful eye makeup trends. Fresh and daring!  spring/summer 2013

darker lips with little makeup…. great fall look 2012,,,,could be a great vampire look also….lol

fall/winter 2013   If eyes get attention, go easy on the lips!

bold color blocking on the lids… fall/winter 2013  This looks like black eyes to me… I wouldn’t do it.

bold retro trend teased hair with little makeup  for fall/winter 2013, love this!!

Draw on your own lashes…… Will this catch on?  I’m too lazy for this….but I may try it.

Red lips and black glasses…..2013 trend….I can do this
Lovely Pink Toned Makeup
soft pinks….great spring/summer 2013 look

stained red lips and rosy cheeks….fall/winter 2013   prettyish

decorative hair trends for fall/winter 2013   gorgeous!!

Hair trend, fall/winter 2013   long long pony tails… extension here I come!!

spring/summer  2013… colorful eyes adorned with crystals
Green Rimmed Eye Makeup at Stella McCartney
lovely no makeup look!! Love green with blue!!
Flirty Barely There Makeup Idea
so pretty!!
Casual Chic Cat Eye Makeup
I’m not sure about the foundation on the lips look…. It is nice in a photo shopped picture but I’m not sure what it would look like in person….maybe a bit scary. Great if you want to hide your lips. Although if you have perfect features then most anything will look good on you!
Soft Copper Eye Makeup
love this look!!!  although the skin could be less photo shopped....haha
It really bugs me to see the nose in a picture almost non existent, it’s just not natural although I understand why they do it. It does make the picture easier to look at but still….