Monday, November 12, 2012

If you see Judy tell her...

Song is called "When it comes my turn" by David Myles and Alan Jeffries on guitar

I'mma gettin' old, but I'm not old yet!!! lol... Yes's true, the years are creeping up on me and I'm to that point where I can't see!! sigh....that will teach me for judging Oprah!!! Let me explain what I mean. Oprah had a show where she was talking about her reading glasses and she said she had 20 pairs!! 20!!! Like do you need 20 pairs of glasses?? I thought she was just being frivolous, well I was wrong! Sorry Oprah!! I would need a pair everywhere I go!!! One were I sew, one in the car, one at the computer, one in every room because I can't keep them on my head, they slide off every time I bend over. I don't want to age myself by wearing them around my neck constantly (vain) and so you see, I would need 20 pairs but so far I've only got three and I want more! I could have one in all my coat pockets so when I go get some groceries I can see what the heck I'm buying!!! hahaha.

My black glasses

My purple glasses

My red glasses, well I don't know where they you see that's why I need more because I keep losing them....and that also comes with see, I'm not worried that I might forget like the song says...I'm already there and with Fibromyaliga it's already been going on for a long time and so now I'm well use to it!! haha

This morning I went to a lady's house to return something that I had of hers and I found her and her husband outside in the yard working. It was definitely a great day to be outside. The sun was bright and warm with little wind. While Judy and her husband and I stood there talking I was looking at her face marveling(my mind tends to go everywhere) and actually had a tinge of jealousy of how little wrinkles she had for her age, I was actually thinking it wasn't fair that I had more wrinkles than she had at my age. At the same time I was thinking how much I liked to be around her. She has such a quiet gentleness about her and she speaks very kindly and always has a smile. It's so easy to talk to her. The conversation turned to gardening and then Christmas and her grandson and I asked her how many children she had and she said "I only have a son but you probably wouldn't know him, he's 37, he's way too old for you." meaning we didn't grow up at the same time,  and then she said something else after that and I grabbed her hands and stopped her from talking and I said "could you back up there...What did you say???" I asked grinning from ear to ear and she said something and I said, "no before that".... and she repeated what she had said..... Well I was totally tickled pink!!! I had heard her right, she had said that I was  way younger than her son who was 37!!! That made my day....I said "you are wayyyyyy off,guess how old I am?"  They looked at each other and smiled and said "we have no idea but we thought you were younger than Stephan" I told them "I'm 47 this March!!" They couldn't believe it and told me I was well preserved!! LOL  I think it's one of the best compliments I've had in my life!! hahaha
It just goes to show you how we don't see ourselves the way other people do. I look in the mirror sometimes and think I look 70 years old! but someone else thinks I look 30. I bet Judy wouldn't even think of herself as I see her so If you know a lady named Judy that has a son named Stephan that is 37 years old. Tell her and her husband what  great and wonderful people they are so that it will bless them just as they blessed me today!!!

have a lovely day everyone and I hope you can see better than I can, hehehe!!!

Sorry if I have any spelling mistakes!!! I seem to make a lot of them!!!