Thursday, June 27, 2013

Yellow dress revamp!!!! Yeah babyyy!!!

Do you ever get tired of your clothes???  I do!! I do not like to wear my clothes over and over and over. I looooooove change, always have since I can remember especially clothes. Maybe it was because I didn’t have many clothes as a young girl and I had to wear the same clothes over and over and I hated it! lol  I don’t know but now if I am able to I like to have different clothes. Now it is not always affordable to have new clothes all the time but if you are creative it is. Just use the clothes you have and change them somehow. This is what I did with this dress and top.
I had an old old top that I hardly even wore anymore just because I was tired of it and then I had this yellow patterned dress that I had made but I never really liked wearing it because I thought the pattern all over was too much, not that I did not like the pattern but that it was just too much for me and SO my creative little mind started spinning and wondering what I could do with it and this is what I came up with! If you have any that you have made or make please share it with me and I can post it on my blog!!! Only tasteful ones though,nothing showing most of your boobs and to the waterline lol   Do you know that men see you as objects when you do that? It has been proven…they tested men’s.. uhm… brain and showed them objects and women in bikinis and their brain patterns reacted  the same to the women in bikinis as to the objects that they were shown!! Time to wear man suits ladies!!!  lolgarbage_2259

The before picture, yellow top, printed black and yellow and white dress I made. I made a black waistband from fabric I had on hand,

I sewed the waistband to the yellow top and then I cut the printed black and yellow and white dress at my  waistline. I put on the dress and I snipped with my scissors at the waistline. Then I sewed the black stretch waistband to the bottom skirt and there you have it, a new dress baby!!!

Here is a picture of my dress that I made last year 2012 and 20 pounds heavier!!! Yikes!!!

yellow dress_3481

My yellow revamp dress, 20 pounds lighter and still got about 15 more to go!! I made this in May 2013 before I went on my trip to Calgary but never got a chance to wear it until now!

yellow dress_3483

It’s a car commercial! lol  

yellow dress_3488

My husband Leon, took the pictures and AFTER all the pictures were taken I noticed finger prints on the lens!!! sigh lol Oh well you will have to deal with the smudges because  I don`t do anything twice if I can help it!! lol    Good thing I`m good with editing hehehe  I tweaked the clarity, sharpness and the levels and they came out a lot clearer!!

yellow dress_3494


yellow dress_3499

yellow dress_3501

We always forget to put the wheelbarrow upside down so the water doesn’t get in there! lol

yellow dress_3514

yellow dress_3516

yellow dress_3530

yellow dress_3533

yellow dress_3553

yellow dress_3556

yellow dress_3562

yellow dress_3567

yellow dress_3569

yellow dress_3572

yellow dress_3573


yellow dress_3576

yellow dress_3583yellow dress_3582

yellow dress_3587yellow dress_3579yellow dress_3584

I know, I’m wearing the same jewelry as my last dress but out of all the jewelry that I have this one looked the best with this dress!! I’m thinking of making some jewelry if I can find the right stuff to make it with!

yellow dress_3590

The end!! There you have it, my yellow revamped dress. I think I’m liking it a lot better this time around!! What do you think??

P.S. Stay tuned for my next revamped dress in blue!

Over and out xox