Thursday, September 12, 2013

Can I wear this for fall???


Come play with me a game of fashion. I’ve been going through my closets(well actually I don’t have a closet yet but it’s coming) I’ve been going through my summer clothes and sorting out what I know I won’t wear again this year and what I could possibly wear for fall. I’ve got plenty of outfits to wear but I want your opinion. Everyone loves to give their opinion right?? hahaha  Now I will be posting different outfits here and you guys can help me wear just the right outfit this fall. I will be posting this to my Facebook and so if you prefer you can vote there or on my blog. I have one that I prefer, let’s see how many people prefer my taste. There are some that I purposefully put on here that I do not like at all so it will be amusing to see the difference of opinion! lol

This is another outfit for fall, September 13, 2013, yes it’s Friday but I am not superstitious and my day is actually going pretty good, I’m blessed by God anyway, I don’t have bad luck, hard times sometimes but not bad luck! lol Winking smile 

Ok this is a summer dress, it’s actually something I used for a bathing suit cover-up. The jacket is one that I made.

Can I wear this for fall?

Black belt or white belt?

Tights or no tights?

Striped tights or plain tights?

Different jacket?

Plain shoes or print shoes?

How would you wear it?

Would you do pink and blue?


fall clothing and things_5729fall clothing and things_5728

                             1 ?                              or                             2 ?

fall clothing and things_5732fall clothing and things_5731

                           3 ?                                    or                            4 ?

                                                         5 ? Scrap it!!!


This is my first outfit, a dress that I made this summer.

Can I wear this for fall???

With a belt or without???

In black without tights?

In red with tights?

Any suggestions???

fall clothing and things_5723fall clothing and things_5727

                             1?                          or                           2?


Help me!!!! lol

This is what I chose

fall clothing and things_6210

I chose to opt for tights as I can’t stand to be cold but I would wear it without tights on a warm day of course.
I thought Melanie’s idea with the black bracelet and classic black clutch was a great idea although I did not have a black clutch and I also liked Ruthie’s view too. My small leopard print is passable with this outfit and is in style for fall although there is a bit of a competition and would be better worn with a solid colored dress. I may have to invest in a classic black bag. I have a grey bag but it did not go well with this outfit.

fall clothing and things_6211

fall clothing and things_6227

I chose dangly chandelier earrings to bring out the pink in the dress and also because they go well with my face shape which is what I call a strong oval.

fall clothing and things_6243

fall clothing and things_6242

There you have it, a great outfit for fall so thanks a lot for all the help, I appreciate your taste and ideas.

Stay tuned for the next outfit!!! Smile