Sunday, September 8, 2013

My yellow face treatment

It’s like this, I’m trying out different natural ways to get my skin in tip top shape. I’ve read that turmeric and milk can get rid of scars…I have scars on my face from my car accident so I decided to try it. This is the results…



It’s really yellow, great to make your blue eyes pop!!! Well kind of a great way…


It feels cakey when it dries


Remember the movie “Braveheart” when Mel Gibson leads his army to war and his face is painted. I could do that!! lol


May as well do a good job so I added some more!! hahaha


Getting a bit cracked….


Feeling pretty tight!!


Time to wash it off after about 1 hour on



Hmmm scars are still there but I guess you have to use it over time.
Will I continue to do this…………………………No…………………..
I stained my face, I stained my clothes, I stained my countertop making the stuff. I had to scrub like forever to try to get it off!!  lol

You may think I look good with a yellow face or not lol but I figure if I continue doing this I am afraid that my face will look like this permanently and I don’t know about you guys but I sure don’t want it permanently!! lol
I think maybe I was supposed to only put it on the scars but oh well I had fun doing it and taking pictures for my blog! hehehe


The result, a bit of blotchiness but skin is soft. Didn’t do it harm but scars are still there. This is only a one time thing and you have to do it over time to see any results. 

P.S. not many see my face without makeup so feel privileged or not!!! haha

I’ve also been using strawberries directly on my face and neck at night before bedtime and after I wash my face well( Which is the trick to clear skin I believe, always wash the makeup off before bed and apply moisturizer if you need it) It is a great natural peel. Gets rid of dead skin cells very well if you apply at night and leave it on overnight. Cucumbers, oranges or any acidy fruit should work, even bananas. I try something different every week.


Right now I am using this concoction I made from a recipe I found somewhere on Facebook or pinterest.

Slice 1 cucumber

Slice 2 lemons

add fresh mint leaves

Bottled water

Place in a pitcher and fill with bottled water

Let soak overnight in the fridge

Now I was supposed to drink it as a detox but I just couldn’t do it….YUCKY POO!!!!  and since I am on a face feeding phase I thought why not use it as a face mask and so I washed my face with nothing other than Noxzema cream that I’ve

used since I was a teen…I know, I’m not much older now Smile with tongue out  and then I poured some in a cup and unto my hands and I rinsed my face with the cold goodness of it. It felt great!!! I just blotted my eyes gently and any big drips and left the rest to dry overnight. I’ve been doing this every night now for about 2 weeks and I do believe I can see the tiny scars around my forehead and eyes fading a tiny bit!!! Come on people,do this and feed your face!!!! hahaha


The with a little makeup effect. I think it may have given me a little glow. Must be the yellow stains around my hairline!!


This is something else I’ve been doing……No poo… shampoo or conditioner that is. I did not wash my hair with shampoo for 3 months. I have been using baking soda and water only as shampoo and also apple cider vinegar as a conditioner and so has my husband Leon. I have normal to oily hair and Leon has very dry frizzy curly hair. I cannot use much of the apple cider vinegar as it makes my hair greasy but Leon loves it and really loves how his hair is not frizzy and dry because of using the apple cider vinegar as a conditioner. He actually leaves it in his hair to dry. He uses about 1 Tablespoon to 1 1/2 cup of water.

For the shampoo for my hair I have to use quite a bit of baking soda (from the health food store) I use about 2 to 3 tablespoons in a half a cup of water. It seems like my hair gets oily if I do not use enough. I seldom use the apple cider vinegar unless my hair feels like it needs more moisture.


elegant black and white dress_3874


elegant black and white dress_3875


- Don’t have to pay for shampoo and conditioner

- I do not blow dry my hair, I just dry it naturally

- Beach hair everyday                                                                                                                                      

- no flakey scalp

-no itchy scalp

-hair is still clean

-faster to wash hair


-after a while it leaves a white build-up and I have to wash with shampoo or dish detergent

-if you don’t use the right amount of baking soda or apple cider vinegar you will have unfavourable results

-your hairdressers may not like it if you stop buying their products

-your hair may not be as controllable if you want to style it


I have since trimmed my hair and have bangs and so have to style it more and so I am using shampoo more often but will not stop periodically using baking soda as I really believe it is beneficial for my hair and scalp. My hair has grown an amazing amount since I had cut it short last year. I believe it is because of the way I have been treating my hair with using the no poo and not blow drying my hair.

Got more posting lined up but I just need time to get them together.
Weeks seem to be passing by sooooo fast I just can’t keep up with them!!! Wow!!! Like my life will be over with before I know it, bam, I’ll be gone and I feel like I’ll say where did it go!!!???
Anyway my neck is hurting so bad right now I really have to get off this computer!!

P.S. I’ll let you know what other adventures I’m up to later 
P.S.S. did anyone notice that I had put P.S. in my last post and never added anything!!?? lol I forgot and I only noticed after I had posted it online. Gotta keep you guys on your toes you know, finding all my mistakes!!! lol 

Hope you guys have a lovely evening and come back soon to see what I have to show you next!!! bye for now xox

and thank you for supporting my blog, I really appreciate your time and effort you put into coming to see what I do and I really hope you enjoy the things I post. My blog friends and Facebook friends are super-de-duper!!! You guys are awesome!!!! I am so glad to hear that my stories and post have been an inspiration to some of you and I’m glad you tell me because it makes this all worth while. Yes, it really does. Be blessed